Our Coffee Shops

Arabica - Free Street


2 Free St. Portland, ME

(207) 899 - 1833

Monday - Friday: 7am - 5pm

Sunday - Saturday: 8am - 5pm

Arabica was first established in 1994. The Free street location is where one of Maine’s best coffee shops started caffeinating our customers. 

 This location has an industrial vibe with brick walls, big windows and, our tall seating bar along with a great view of our authentic hometown. 

 We are more than just a coffee shop. We are an open and welcoming community to all.


Arabica - Commercial Street


9 Commercial St. Portland, ME


Sunday - Thursday: 7am - 5pm

Friday - Saturday: 7am - 6pm

On the waterfront with large windows looking out over the bay, a spacious and homey coffee house complete with a fireplace. This location also houses our roaster and bakery.

With a lot of open area, many seats and a few comfy couches, Commercial St. is a great home for big groups and a comfy place for anyone.