Ethiopia Yirgacheffe - Light Roast
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Ethiopia Yirgacheffe - Light Roast

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

Berry, lemon, flower, mineral: crisp, bright and complex

A micro-region in southern-central Ethiopia, Yirgacheffe is a coffee hot spot. That may have something to do with Ethiopia being the birthplace of coffee: this is the part of the world coffee is from, so it has the perfect growing conditions for it. Another result of this is multitude of varietals of coffee beans, so many that they haven’t all been named. These factors may be why Yirgacheffe has a reputation for producing some of the best tasting and most complex coffees in the world. This coffee takes in a collection from many small farmers throughout the region, mixing some of the best flavors Yirgacheffe has to offer.

Location: Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia
Altitude: 2,100 meters
Varietal: Indigenous heirloom cultivars
Process: Full Washed
Drying: Sun dried