El Salvador - Light Roast
$ 17.00

El Salvador - Light Roast

El Salvador SHB Tres Niña Pulp-Natural

Honey, cherry, orange, milk chocolate: rich, sweet and balanced

Tres Niñas is a group of five farms owned by J. Hill & Cia, a family run coffee company established in 1896. Located in the Illamatepec Mountain Range, Tres Niñas has a climate well-suited to growing coffee and J. Hill & Cia oversee the entire process, from growing to milling to export to maintain high quality. The quality of life for workers is also of high importance for the company, and they provide food, coffee, education and health care for their workers.

Location: Illamatepec Mt. Range, Santa Ana Department,, El Salvador

Altitude: 1,200 - 1,450 meters

Varietals: Mostly Bourbon and some Pacas

Process: Pulp-natural

Drying: Sun-dried