Sulawesi - Light Roast
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Sulawesi - Light Roast

Sulawesi Toraja Sapan Minanga

Cocoa, licorice, cedar: earthy, spicy and syrupy

This coffee is collected from small, family owned farms in the central mountain region of the South Sulawesi province by the Toraja Coffee Growers Cooperative. Home to the indigenous Toraja people group, the region has a unique and remote geography with high elevations, well suited for quality coffee growing. Recent collaboration with an NGO called VECO has improved both the growing practices and the infrastructure in the region, increasing the quality of crops and the farmers’ livelihood.

Location: South Sulawesi Province, Sulawesi, Indonesia
Altitude: 1300-2000 meters
Varietals: Typica, Catimor, S795
Process: Wet-hulled
Drying: Sun-dried

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