Easy Brewing: Cold Brew Addendum - Cold Brew Kits

So last week we went through a simple and easy way to make cold brew at home using simple kitchen equipment. It's easy and makes great cold brew, but for the real iced coffee lovers, there is another option.

If you’ve been into either of our shops recently, you may have noticed that we’ve started selling cold brew kits, and they do more than look nice. The reusable filter included is specifically made for cold brew, and the result is coffee that is cleaner, clearer and better tasting. When using just a strainer, the coffee can be a little murky, and I've found you usually need to add a little milk to cut the bite. But with the filters, I actually prefer it black—you can pick it more of the distinct notes of the coffee. You can definitely make a good cup at home without one of these, but if you’re a big fan of cold brew it’s worth trying the kit.

Step 1: Measure out the coffee
Take a half pound of coarsely ground coffee (about two and half cups), and put it in the filter and tighten the drawstring.

Step 2: Add water
Fill mason jar to top.

Step 3: Wait
Cover and let sit at room temperature for 12 to 24 hours.

Step 4: Strain
The coffee expands too much to just remove the bag, so pour the cold brew into another container, then empty the coffee from the filter. Don’t forget to rinse out the filter for reuse!

Step 5: Add more water
You can either store the concentrate, or add water to taste before storing it (if you put the coffee back into the mason jar, filling it near the top will give a perfect ratio). Serve over ice and enjoy!

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