Our Coffee

At Arabica, we source only the highest quality green arabica coffee beans from around the world, with a special emphasis on sustainably grown and ethically harvested varietals. We order our green coffee beans through Royal New York, a supplier based in New Jersey which works directly with farms and cooperatives in coffee-growing regions. 

We strive to provide our customers with a variety of tastes and flavors from farms and co-ops all over the world. From the Cerrado region of Brazil to the Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia, we have a single-origin coffee or expertly crafted blend for everyone’s palate. 

Most of our coffees are kept single-origin so that we can highlight the subtle differences in terroir, elevation, and processing methods from region to region, and even farm to farm.

However, we’ve developed a few post-roast blends, such as our Espresso Blend, which we feel combine the characteristics of multiple growing regions and make for an even more delicious and exciting cup of coffee. 


We roast all of our coffee in a custom-built roaster from US Roaster Corp. Once we receive the green beans, our Roasting Manager roasts in small batches, carefully controlling temperature and roasting time to perfectly compliment the natural flavors and characteristics of each individual varietal.

After the beans have a chance to rest and “degas” (pronounced dee-gas), they are ready to be packaged. We package our coffee in sealed water, air, and sunlight -proof bags to keep our coffee as fresh as possible until it’s ready to be brewed. Our bags feature a one-way valve which allows gasses to escape but prevents oxygen from entering the bag.