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French Roast - Dark Roast

Arabica Coffee's speciality French roast blend. Made from the richest arabica coffee beans gathered from the best sources for beans in the world. Roasted at Arabica in downtown Portland, Maine. Buy once or have it delivered...
$ 17.00

Espresso Blend - Original Blend

Arabica Espresso Blend  Arabica Coffee's speciality espresso blend. Made from the richest arabica coffee beans gathered from the best sources for beans in the world. Blended & roasted at Arabica in downtown Portland, Maine. Buy...
$ 19.00

Colombia Excelso - Medium Roast

Colombia Excelso “San Joaquin” Caldas (GP) Cooperativa de Anserma is one of the oldest coffee cooperatives in the Caldas region and was founded in 1967. Spanning five municipalities (Anserma, Risaralda, Belalcazar, San José, and Viterbo),...
$ 17.00

Costa Rica Tarrazu - Medium Roast

Costa Rica SHB Tarrazu Candelilla Estate (E) CoopeTarrazu was established in 1970 and has grown to become one of the most important contributors to the economic development of the Los Santos region of Tarrazu. The...
$ 16.00

Brazil Cerrado - Medium Roast

  Brazil Cerrado Cerrado is a region in the state of Minas Gerais, the largest coffee-producing state in Brazil. Coffee has been a major crop in this region since the 1980s mainly because of the...
$ 16.00

Ethiopia Natural Limu - Medium Roast

Ethiopia Natural Limu 3 -NIGUSSE LEMMA(GP) The Ethiopian Nigusse Lemma lot comes from a family-owned farm in the Limu region of southwestern Ethiopia. The farm owner, Lemma Edeto, began working with coffee nearly 60 years...
$ 22.00

Decaf Brazil - Medium Roast

  Decaf Brazil   Elevation: 915 to 1219 metersVarietals: Mundo Novo,Yellow Catuai,Red Catuai,AcaiaDrying Process: Combo: Sun & mechanicalHarvest Start Month: AprilHarvest End Month: SeptemberExport Start Month: SeptemberExport End Month: April BEYOND THE CUP: Notes of milk...
$ 16.00

DECAF Sumatra Excelso - Dark Roast

Sumatra Royal Select SWP Decaf This decaf is produced in the Gayo/Takengon region of northern Sumatra. The coffee is then shipped to Vancouver to be processed at the Swiss Water Decaf plant. Elevation: 1000 to...
$ 20.00
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